The Sunday Of Orthodoxy – Speaking the Truth in Love – Ancient Faith Radio

The Sunday Of Orthodoxy – Speaking the Truth in Love – Ancient Faith Radio.

Fr. Hopko speaks on our current view and treatment of icons today. Placement and use should be considered. They cannot be hung anywhere and everywhere as “decorations” Old, scratched and worn icons should be burned, rather than saved, out of respect and attention for the icon. Fr Hopko also expresses concern with the careless storage of icons. Rather, he suggests that there should be a Holy area of storage for icons when they are not in use that is special and reverent. Thirdly he expresses that icons should not be used on book covers or bulletins because, once again, books and papers are thrown around, brought into the bathroom etc. Icons are not meant for that purpose. They represent a presence of God and grace and should be treated with respect. Lastly, in lieu with the rest, Fr Hopko believes that icons should definitely not be on clothing or other minor articles of adornment. When we use icons in all of these ways, we are not honoring their veneration or treating them properly.

“We want to be icon venerators, not icon desecrators”