Musings on Creation and Living

Scientifically speaking the body has the following limits: (on average).

  • We can survive 8 weeks without food, on water alone
  • We can survive 3-5 days without water
  • We can survive 3-5 minutes without air

Here is what I find interesting. It would be easy to suggest coincidence, but especially in light of the first anathema yesterday, I dare not. (To those who deny the existence of God, and assert that the world is self-existing, and that all things in it occur by chance, and not by the providence of God, Anathema!)


  • God created plants and animals at His command and it was so. Our food comes from the plants and animals.
  • In the New Testament, Christ’s physical immersion in the Jordan blessed all of the waters on Earth.
  • In the creation of man, God’s image and likeness, God fashioned man from His own Hands and breathed life into Adam.



I find it interesting that the more essential to life something is, I would argue the closer to God that aspect is.



Fr Eugene Pentiuc, professor of Old Testament at Holy Cross seminary in Boston loves to explain that through God’s breath giving us life, “we are part of the respiration system of Christ”


It’s incredibly amazing and truly awe-some.