Searching for Authenticity – From Lessons From a Monastery

I appreciate the sentiments of feeling like an ‘imposter’ I know I have felt the same on many an occasion and feel it is only going to increase as the years continue and my own life unfolds.

Standing in my adviser’s office listening to him list off the ways in which my thesis was in error, I reflected: “I’m not trying to fool anyone; I know I’m not an academic. I just have an interest in the theology of icons.” To be fair, the problems he was pointing out were not insurmountable. But the conversation led me to the following dialogue with myself. I began thinking about the various things I do, the different facets in my life that make me feel like an imposter… (Full Article)

I’m also very excited to read her book that she wrote reflecting on her experiences in the Greek Monasteries which will be available through Conciliar Press sometime this year.