Selections from Resurrection Matins

Lament not for Me, Mother, as You behold Me in the grave, Whom as  Son you conceived in your womb without seed. Fo I shall rise and be glorified, and as God, I shall ceaselessly exalt in glory those, who in faith and yearning, magnify you.

My eternal Son, I was spared the travail at Your strange Birth, and was marvelously blessed. And now, beholding You, my God, a breathless corpse, I am torn apart with the spear of bitter sorrow, but arise, that I may be magnified

The earth, O Mother, covers Me of My own will, but the gate-keepers of Hades trembleded seing Me clothed in a blood spattered robe of vengence; for as God, I have struck down the enemies with the Cross; I will rise again, and magnify You

~9th Ode of the Canon for Pascha matins.