The First Resurrection

Last night during the lamentations the tone took a turn towards the resurrection. The blessings were sung where the angel asks the women why they are weeping and lamenting because the Son is risen, the prophecy of Isaiah where the bones come together was read, Christ is with all those who died before him and Hades is trembling at the sight of his Glory. He is preaching to those who came before him and did not know the Word.

Today during the liturgy we will sing the hymn of the Three Youths, which are a prototype of Christ and remembered in every single Orthros services weekly. During the hymn the priest will toss bay leaves around the church as a symbol of victory over Hades while Christ is there.

This is not yet THE resurrection, where Christ raises himself back from the dead in his own body, but today is a glorious, joyful victory over Hades.