Dormition Reflections – Day 1

“Assaults of the passions have shaken me./ My soul to its limits has been filled with much despair./ Bring peace oh Maiden in the calmness/ of your own Son and your God, all-blamless one”
~Ode 1 Paraklesis Service

We have begun the fast before the feast of the falling asleep of the Theotokos. Tonight many of us have the opportunity to attend and hear the Paraklesis service.

The first ode describes the depths to which we have fallen, it is truly a great war between ourselves with the church triumphant, and Satan. The passions are assaulting us like fiery darts. Our soul is not just troubled or midly distressed, but completely filled to its imaginable limits. Yet, amidst this war, we are able to call upon the Virgin to help bring peace to our soul and life.

St Romanos the Melodist writes of the Virgin,

“End your lamentations, I shall be your intercessor before my Son. Restrain your tears, receive me as your mediatress with Him Who is born of me”

We have no greater mediator than that of our most Holy Lady. As the Mother of God, she has a special place of favor with Him. Remember that it was she who are able to convince her Son to perform the Miracle at Cana, although He told her that His time had “not yet come”

Tonight, the first night of the fast, may we begin to fervently seek her intercessions on our behalf for peace in our hearts.