The Dormition of the Theotokos – Part 1

The Theotokos had reached about 70 years of age. During her continued lifetime she was able to provide words of support and wisdom and provide energy strength and consolation to the apostles during their ministry. At all times, it was the desire of the Theotokos to be rejoined with her Son and God and behold His sweet face. She prayed that the Lord might remove her from this world to join with Him once more. She did not fear, or try to avoid death because she knew that death had been vanquished by her son. In her prayers, she asked that the Holy Apostles might be with her on her day of passing from this life. “Oh most dear Son, I pray Thy holiness, that when my soul goes out of my body, that Thou wilt let me know of the third day before; and do Thou, O Beloved Son, with Thy angels, receive it, and cause all the Apostles to be present at my departure”

The Lord replied to her, “O palace and temple of the living God, O blessed Mother, O Queen of all saints, and blessed above all women, before thou didst carry Me in they womb, I always guarded thee, and caused thee to be fed daily with My angelic food, as though knowest. How can I desert thee, after thou hast carried Me, and nourished Me, and brought Me down in flight into Egypt, and endured many hardships for me? Know then, that My angels have always guarded thee, and will guard thee even until thy departure…thou shalt see my Archangel Gabriel coming to thee with a palm which I shall send to thee from heaven. Know then that I shall soon come to thee, together with My disciples, angels, archangels, and the saints and virgins. Know for certain that they should will be separated from the body, and I shall carry it into the heavens, where it shall never have tribulation or anguish”

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