The Dormition of the Theotokos — Part 4: The People are Gathered

After hearing the news of the Theotokos’ imminent departure, St John and St James told relatives, friends and faithful in Jerusalem the news. All the Christians gathered together in her home and lamented for her, begged her not to leave them orphaned.

The Theotokos replied that they should not lament her death, but rejoice! After her death, she would be standing next to the throne of her Son, our Lord, see His glorious face, converse with Him directly and be able to more fervently and intimately intercede on our behalf. She also promised that she would visit the world and attend to its needs and those in trouble.

The Theotokos also made a will regarding 2 of her garments. She wanted them given to two poor widows who had faithfully attended to her. She asked that she be buryed on the Mount of Olives, in the village of Gethsemane where her parents, and betrothed Joseph were also buried.

While this was occurring, a noise, like a clap of thunder was heard. A cloud surrounded the home of St. John, and all of the apostles, except Thomas appeared. The Lord had commanded His angels to gather the apostles together, per the request of His mother. Peter from Rome, Mark from Alexandria, Matthew had been on on a boat. All of the Apostles, no matter where they were preaching the gospel, were gathered up by the Lord and transported to Jerusalem. The Apostles rejoiced at seeing one another, but also wondered at the purpose of their reunion. St. John informed them of the Theotokos’s coming repose and they were sorrowful. When they entered the room where she was, they beheld a joyful countenance on her face. She asked how they all had arrived and they told her, and from where they had been.

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