The Dormition of the Theotokos — Part 5: The Theotokos Speaks a Parable

As the Theotokos conversed with the Apostles, she began the following parable:

“My beloved children, hearken to my brief words and small instruction, for this I wish hand seek. My children, so you see this world? It is a festival. God is as a king, and you, His servants, are the merchants of my beloved Son.”

Now listen to this parable: There was a great and powerful king who had two servants. The king then heard that there was a great fair where there would be very many goods and products that would bring great gain. therefore, the king summoned these two servants and said, “Make great haste to go into this country where the festival is being held, and for one month, do business. If any of you delay, he will lose his life!” Straightaway, the two servants took money and went to the fair. However, one of them was senseless and foolish; he purchased items that were useless to the king, such as houses, shops and fields. All these things the king had no need of, nor would they bring him any gain. Moreover, the undiscerning servant delayed in returning because it took time to sow the fields, and to refurbish and complete the shops and the houses, because they were in disarray. Thus it took him about three to four months to return to the king. Now the other servant was prudent and purchased precious stones, and returned punctually to the king. The king honored and glorified this servant, for he found him trustworthy. As for the other servant, an order was issued that he be executed as one who was an enemy of the king.

“The same situation is also before you, O Apostles of my Son. My beloved Son has sent you as merchants into the world of deceived mankind, to win those souls who will hearken to His name. Whichever of you, O my friends and children, is a friend of thy Teacher and my Son, He will honor in His Kingdom. Those that will not obey the commands of the Teacher, he knows that he will suffer. On account of this, my beloved children, go and preach. Enlighten and guide those of the world that are led astray, and gain them and direct them to the Kingdom of my Son. Always love and have peace among you, and rejoice and be glad for great will be your reward in the Kingdom of my Son and God, I am ever with you, and I will strengthen and comfort you in your afflictions.”

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*From the Dormition of the Theotokos, The Great Synaxaristes p 239-240