The Dormition of the Theotokos — Part 6: The Theotokos Delivers Her Soul

On Sunday, the 15th of August, during the 3rd hour (9:00) the Theotokos was lying in wait  for her beloved Son to come and receive her soul. She greeted each Apostle with a blessing . Then she said, “I adore, praise and glorify Thy much to be praised name, O Lord, because Thou hast looked upon the lowliness of Thine handmaiden, and because Thou art mighty hast done great things for me; and behold, all generations shall call me blessed”

Then she told the apostles. “Cast incense and pray, because Christ is coming on a throne of cherubim” And when they had prayed, there was thunder from heaven and there came a fearful voice, as if of chariots; and, behold, a multitude of a host of angels, as if of powers, and a voice, as if of Son of Man was heard.

Then there shone in the room an ineffable light of divine glory which dimmed the lamps. Those that were granted this vision were awestruck. Many beheld the roof of the apartment open and the glory of the Lord descending form heaven. It was Christ the King of Glory with hosts of angels and archangels, and all the heavenly powers. Also with them were the holy fathers and prophets who prophesied of old concerning the pure Virgin, and all the righteous souls, approached His immaculate Mother. The text of pseudo John tells us that this included the Theotokos’ mother, Anna, and her cousin Elizabeth appearing with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David and all the choirs of saints, singing praising and venerating the body of the Mother of the Lord.

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