The Dormition of the Theotokos — Part 8: The Funeral Procession

Upon the repose of the Theotokos, the apostles began the procession with her body from Sion through Jerusalem to Gethsemane. Towards the head of the bier was St. John the Theologian and St. Pater, followed by St. James and St. Paul. The other Apostles and hierarchs proceeded chanting, while St. John the Thologian also carried the branch from paradise which shone brightly. A circular cloud in the shape of a crown also followed the bier, and from it angelic chanting that filled the air.

The face of the Theotokos shone like the sun and a splendid and sweet perfume emitted from her body. All who came into contact with her body were sanctified by it. The hearts of all were filled with joy form the Theotokos. The sick received healing, the blind regained their sight, the ears of the deaf were opened, the lame were made to walk and devils were driven out. All who came were healed by the body of the Theotokos. All glorified Christ our God and His holy Mother, and kept festival with psalms and spiritual songs.

“Come let us crown the Church with song, as the ark of God goes to her rest”

~St Theophanes the Poet


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