The Dormition of the Theotokos — Part 9: The Mob is Roused

Now there were still, at that time, many Jews who did not believe in Christ. Wondering what all of the commotion was about, they, too wanted to join and see this procession. Who was this person who was getting all of the attention and glory? When the chief priests and scribes learned of this they burned with the heaviest hatred and began to reason frivolously. Indeed, they would still become inflamed at anything which made them remember the Christ. They stirred up many of the people and sent temple servants and soldiers to take over and disseminate the procession. They also ordered them to slay the disciples of Christ and burn the body of Mary, for they claimed the nation of Jews was ruined by this woman.

When satan entered and incited the mob. They then quickly began to arm themselves as if for battle. Furiously they hastened to overtake the procession. Gradually they began to catch up when, suddenly, the circular cloud that was floating in the air descended and surrounded like a wall of protection, the holy Apostles and the rest of the Christians. Indeed, the pursuers only heard chanting, but could see no one behind the wall of the cloud. Then the holy angels, invisibly hovering over the sacred relics and the Christians, struck the malicious persecutors with blindness.

Struck with blindness, the persecutors began striking their heads against the walls, and then struck each other.

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