Parable of the King & His Servant Who Ows a Debt

A few thoughts from my parish priest on the gospel reading from Sunday

Forgiveness is so important

Shortly before the parable, Peter responds that one should forgive 7 times (7 means the world, & completion). Christ responds that we should forgive 70 times 7. 10 represents infinity, so 7 times 10 times 7 means more than infinite forgiveness.

The man represents us

His debt represents sin

When he asked forgiveness of the master, the master not only

Being thrown in prison by the jailors (tormenters) represents being thrown in hell with Satan & the Devil

The man’s debt was so large, he would never be able to repay it in prison

Likewise, if we are thrown in hell (if we do not forgive others) we will not be able to escape

We are reminded of our duty to forgiveness in the Lord’s prayer (Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us)

Too often we let our pride get in the way of our capability to forgive