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Christ and the children

“Abba Poemen’s brethren said to him: ‘Let us leave this place, for the monasteries here worry us and we are losing our souls; even the little children who cry do not let us have interior peace.’ 

Abba Poemen said to them: ‘Is it because of voices of angels that you wish to go away from here?’” 

Indeed if the noise of children causes us to want to leave the church, how would we stand if threatened with martyrdom?   Many Christians remained faithful to the Church even when the cries and noise they heard was that of those who came to silence them and even kill them because of their faith in Christ…

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Beautiful reflections from Fr. Ted’s blog!

Sometimes, one of the most difficult things for women in the church is their children. Mothers express their concern of their own focus in the church. One time I even had a mother apologize to me for her own children saying, “I’m sure this wasn’t very peaceful for you!” That service was outside, under a tent at a monastery. It was one of the more peaceful services I had attended in a long time!

The reality, not only is it important as mothers to have children IN the church, not the cryroom or the narthex, but it is important for the congregation to express LOVE to those new mothers in the church and help them also experience the sacrament as peacefully as possible.

It is often said, “it takes a village to raise a child” In the Orthodox faith, it should be the CHURCH raising the child. The church cannot raise the child if its doors are shut to that child until she is 15. That child will not know to love the church, and we will have driven her away from Christ.