Anti Cosmopolitan Mission

Personally, I didn’t crack open my first cosmopolitan magazine until I was 20 years old. I was sitting in a neighbor’s room and incredibly bored with the conversation. The cover had always been enough to keep me away with the trademark [Number] Sex [Fill in the blank] in the upper right hand corner. Like a bored patient in the doctor’s office, I casually flipped through the magazine and decided it was definitely not worth my time.

While listening to Relevant Radio this afternoon, I learned of the Anti-Cosmo mission. Nicole Wieder is a former model who was such a talented model she was even photographed for Victoria’s Secret. One day she felt that having her body on public display to the world was more degrading than it was uplifting, and she began to create her platform.

Nicole’s current mission is to make Cosmopolitan inaccessible to teens under the age of 18; at least in the stores. She points out how the magazines are colorful, use teenage lingo, and most importantly, use teenage stars for the cover photos. Although these starlets may be at that legal age of 18, they still have a much younger following who will be drawn in to the magazine.

With the recent fan-craze behind 50 Shades of Grey, Cosmopolitan Magazine has also been promoting S&M. The graphic expressions of the acts basically make the content pornographic. Additionally, there are state laws in which this content does, in fact, by definition fall under the category of pornography and therefor should be pulled from the shelves where under-18-year olds have easy access.

Her website may be accessed at where she currently has a petition to sign in order to get cosmo into nontransparent wrapper and sold only to adults. She also posts scans of the content of cosmo where you can see for yourself just how graphic the content currently is.