Why I Choose to Fight

“How many of you honestly believe that we will ever be able to make abortion illegal?” [no hands raise] “people should at least have the ability to make the choice to have abortions safely” These words were spoken by a priest recently at a gathering I attended. Please be aware, he made it perfectly clear the church’s teaching on abortion is that it is wrong, and he was not refuting this belief and teaching. Although I have thought to myself time and again about the possible futility of fighting for something that may never change, I am not one to readily make those statements so bluntly stated by this priest.

But why?

1) Fighting for Life is like Martin Luther King fighting for civil rights; never say never

There was a time of slavery which eventually turned into segregation which currently is what we politely call the “diversity gap”

At one point in time slavery and segregation were both viewed as acceptable and right. At one point in time those who were fighting for the rights of people of color were in the minority. The idea of living in a world of freedom was literally only a dream for many Americans. Laws of segregation were put in place by the courts, and the laws lifting segregation were lifted by the courts. Although the possibility for change may seem to be unreachable, we cannot stop fighting for what is morally correct.

2) Our positions influence the law and the law influences our positions

In my freshman Sunday School class of faithful, church-going students, every student saw no problem with gay marriage. Within my own circle of church-going friends from high school, none of us support gay marriage. Times have changed so much that within a decade the opinions of similarly-raised generations have drastically shifted.

Every inch we lose in the fight for life, is one more statement that as a country, we do  not value human life itself. No one would ever say that it would be appropriate to put a mentally-ill person to death, and yet, some women would choose to have an abortion if it was confirmed that their child will be born with Down’s or Autism. If I say that I will concede to the belief that my fight for life is futile, I have agreed that I do not value life enough to fight for it. Christ fought for our eternal life SO much that HE DIED on the Cross for us. The least I can do is stand firm ground on my position on abortion.

3) Times ARE changing, Pro-Life is no small minority

In a recent Gallup Poll, pro-life LEADS pro-choice by a nine-point margin! Additionally, pro-life leads by 50 – 41 percent. Those who support life are not in the minority by any means. In fact, America is split down the middle by the decision. The same holds true for gay marriage. (57-40, no-yes). But if we remain silent on our position on the issue, how is America to know that pro-life is the larger consensus?

4) Not standing up for our beliefs, influenced by our religion, will eventually lead to the government encroaching upon our religion.

Naturally the most prominent issue currently is “ObamaCare” which, among other major issues such as increasing insurance rates 30% and decreasing the amount of care Medicare patients will be able to receive, encroaches on private, religious organizations to make the decision to not participate financially in the funding of abortions. That does not only mean private schools and hospitals, but also churches and dioceses who provide insurance. By the time my husband is a priest, my diocese will be responsible for covering the cost of abortions for all of the priest-wives who want one.

5) This is my country, I have a vote and a voice and we have the power to influence the nation

We can never take our freedom as a country for granted. The moment we concede on abortion, or any issue we believe is morally wrong, we concede to letting the government control our decisions and opinions. That is not America. America gives us the choice and the ability to voice our opinions and have our beliefs become realities when we fight hard enough for it.