Go Vote!

Tomorrow is election day. Having the right to vote we need to exercise that right and do it in as Orthodox a manner as possible. St. John Chrysostom, who lived during times of peace and persecution against Christians, wrote that we must respect our leaders up to the point where they conflict with our faith.

Brothers and Sisters, Obama’s positions are gravely conflicting with our faith. Not only his position on life in general, but also his insistance on forcing a mandate for all insurance providers to pay for abortion.

We can no longer stand for these attacks on our faith and our right to live out our faith. Although we are not being killed for our beliefs, our government is trying to destroy our very morals and make it appear to be normal and acceptable.

Given the closeness of this race, the only way to ensure Obama does not serve a second term is to vote for Romney. Voting for any other minor party will only take away a vote from the two men who are most likely to win the election.

We must at least attempt to save our religious freedom in this country.