Where do We Begin?

Our world has changed drastically. This is no surprise. There are few things left in our society which are viewed as disgraceful and sinful.

Divorce is a simple fact of life and a choice when two do not get along.

Virginity is fool’s fodder rather than a virtue worthy of praise.

Monogamy is seen as a created myth. (There is even a website to help spouses find someone to have an affair with).

Homosexuality is not a perversion, nor is it even a lifestyle choice, it is who a person is.

So a new challenge arises in parenting. How do we address these lies with our children? These lies are the truth of reality they are living in each and every day. What may be taught at home is not what is taught everywhere else outside of the home.

Take this ten-year-old for example. He had a discussion with his mother about homosexuality and he himself came to the conclusion that it is wrong and that they cannot create a child. This was sone without any prompting by the parents because it had not yet been discussed. He himself was trying to come up with his own, unique idea of it.

Several weeks later he saw a new mom and godmother with a child for a 40-day blessing in church. He asked if they were a gay couple.

Several weeks following he was creating a family tree. Upon seeing the multiple divorces in the family he inquired, “I wonder if you went back far enough if any of my family was gay?”

The answer to the why in these questions is simple. He is completely saturated by today’s culture, even though he lives in a very strong Orthodox Christian household. The question that remains is, “how?” how do we address these things? How should our clergy be trained in addressing these issues? When is it acceptable to discuss? We can no longer shelter our children about these things until high school because it is in every thread of culture and media today.