Monday of Cheesefare

This week we begin following the Triodion daily.
Triodion for the Monday of Cheesefare 

In matins we receive a call to fasting and preparation:

The gateway to divine repentance has been opened: let us enter eagerly! Let us purify our bodies and observe abstinence from food and passions as obedient servants of Christ who calls the world to the heavenly kingdom! Let us offer this tithe of the year to the King of All that we may gaze with love upon His Resurrection

Even today, a full week before Lent begins, we are still looking toward the glorious resurrection. This is one major feature which separates the Eastern Orthodox Church from our Western counterparts. No matter what part of Lent we are in, and no matter how much we look down upon our “wretched souls” we never forget the goal of Pascha: The Glorious, Joyful Resurrection. All of our efforts are in order to make us perfect, Holy Vessels, worthy of our Lord.

The Apostika gives us strength for the upcoming fast:

If we embrace the days of fasting with perseverance they will prove profitable throughout our lives. The demons are vanquished by the bold attacks f abstinence, for the angels guard all those who strive to cleanse themselves!

Yesterday we “bid farewell” to meat on Meatfare Sunday. Let us begin the fast with joy and anticipation of our Lord’s Resurrection!