On Judgement: Letter to Publius –St. Ephraim the Syrian

Notice the twelve thrones that are fashioned on it for judgment
Notice how the tribes stand there trembling and how the many nation stand there quaking

Judgement Icon Detail: Chained

Notice how their bodies share and their knees knock.
Notice how their hearts palpitate and how their minds pine.
Notice how their faces are downcast and how their shame is thick upon them like darkness.

Judgement Icon Detail: Damned
Notice how their should anguish and how their spirits flicker.
Notice how their tears overflow and soak the dust beneath them.
Notice how their complexions are changing to green. One takes on that color and hands it on to his companion.
Notice their faces, which used to be joyful, have been transformed to look like soot from a cauldron.

Judgement Icon Detail: Sinner in Chariot
Hear their many groans and their wailing moans.
Hear their sigs of grief and their churning innards.
Notice their deeds:
those that were in secret have now become manifest;
those that were done in darkness now shine forth like the sun;
those that they had committed in secret now make their complaint with load voice.

Judgement Icon Detail: Soul Being Judged
Notice now everyone stands, his deeds before him justly accusing him in the presence of his judge.
Notice how their evil thoughts have now taken on shape and stand before their masters to accuse them.
Notice their slanderous whisperings crying out in a loud voice, and how the snares once hidden are now revealed before them.

Notice that Judge of righteousness as he s

Judgement Icon Detail: Christ as Judgethe Word of His father

the wisdom of His nature

the arm of His glory

the right hand of His mercy,

the ray of His light

the manifestation of His rest,

that one who is equal in essence with the one who begot Him,

that one whose nature is commensurate with the nature from which He sprang forth,

that one who is at once near and far from Him,

that one who is at once joined with Him and separated from him

Judgement Icon Detail: Christ and God

in His presence and not at a distance,

at his right hand  and not far away,

who shares the same dwelling but not as a foreigner,

the gate of life

the way of truth

the propitaiatory lamb

the pure sacrifice

the priest who remits debts

the sprinking that purifies

the one who created all that was made

the one who formed and established,

the one who fashioned creatures,

the one who gives senses to the dust,

who clothes the earth with perception,

who gives movement to all flesh,

who separates the places of every species,

who differentiates faces without number,

who renews the minds of all races,

who sows all wisdom everywhere

who stretches out the heavens, 

who adorned them with lights,

who gave names to them all

who spread out the earth on a foundation that cannot be touched,

who is the architect of the mountains

who built the high places

who commands the grasses

who causes trees to spring forth

who causes woodplants to give seed

who causes fruit to grow

who distinguishes tastes

who gives color to blossoms and shape to all flowers

who measures heaven with His span, with that power that cannot be measured.

who meted out in the palm of His hand the dust of the earth in that right hand which cannot be meted out,

who weighed the mountains on scales with a knowledge that cannot be comprehended

and the hills on a balance with unerring understanding

by which the gathering places of the seas that envelop all Creation and the depths of the sea that cannot be grasped by us are considered to be even less than a drop there before Him.