Tuesday of Cheesefare: Warriors of Christ

The warriors of Christ, filled with mighty courage, despised the fear of kings and tortures. They confessed Him to be Our King our Lord and God, and now they ceaselessly pray for our souls.
-Apostikha from Tuesday Matins of Cheesefare week 

See with what strength the church girds us with as we enter the fast! Yesterday we spoke of fasting destroying the demons and purifying ourselves for the wedding feast and today we speak of preparing for battle.

Earlier in the Apostikha there is a call to receive Lent with joy

People, receive lent with gladness! The beginning of spiritual warfare arrives! Forsake the indulgence of your flesh, that the gifts of the spirit may be increased in you! Embrace your share of suffering, soldiers of Christ! Prove yourselves to be children of God! The Holy Spirit will take up His abode in you, and your souls will be filled with His Light

We must remember that the whole point of enduring spiritual warfare, fasting and humbling ourselves to one another and God is so that we can be made holy. The fasting, the extra services, these are not something to moan about, like the Pharisees “who disfigure their faces” but rather a source of joy and excitement for that which is to come.

Triodion Text for Cheesefare Tuesday