Cheesefare Friday– The Beauty of the Life-Saving Cross


“The cross is the pivot point on which all of humanity balances. All of creation before the Cross looks to it, all of creation after the Cross looks back on it”
~Fr Thomas Hopko
(some lecture I attended, some year I don’t recall)

Friday is always a commemoration of Christ’s crucifixion, just as Sunday is always a commemoration of His Resurrection  It is for this reason that we as Orthodox Christians, fast on every Friday during the year. Today the Triodion reminds us how the Cross is indeed that pivot point of humanity.

Before the time of the saving Cross, sin ruled over all the earth. Impiety prevailed, and men reveled in the pleasures of the flesh. But since the mystery of the Cross was performed and the demons’ torture was smothered by the knowledge of God, the virtuous life of heaven has reigned on the earth. Therefore the fast is honored! Abstinence glistens and prayer is strengthened! The witness of these is the present time granted to us by the crucified Christ, our God for the Salvation of our souls.

Through the Cross, we are able to attain Salvation. Through the Cross we are able to become truly Holy people of God. We become Holy through our prayer and fasting, both of which are increased in fervor and strength during this time of Lent.