Clean Monday Challenge


SWOD: (Spiritual Workout Of the Day)

  1. Turn everything off. Computer, TV, cell phone, texting, chat… remove any interactions with these media as much as possible outside of that which is required for your employment, or contact with your children.
  2. Maintain a 1-day, strict as possible fast. This may mean..
    • Abstaining from all food and drink until after Compline tonight
    • Eat only snack-sized meals for breakfast and lunch
    • Observe the fast as the church prescribes (no meat, dairy, fish, eggs, oil, wine) at least for today, if you cannot observe this all week.
  3. Locate, and attend a Compline service tonight which will include part 1 of 4 of the canon of St. Andrew. If you do not have a service available to you, read the service and the canon on your own.

Before starting this or any other spiritual exercise program, be sure to check with your spiritual father