Lenten Challenge–Day 2


“It is right that our treatise should now deal with the warriors and athletes of Christ” write St. John Climacus on his chapter on obedience.

“Like trees swayed by the wind and driving their roots deeper into the ground, those who live in obedience become strong and unshakable souls”

Today’s challenge is to get in contact with your spiritual father. This may consist of…

  1. Calling a Priest you feel comfortable with as your spiritual father, for the first time to ask to begin such a relationship
  2. Scheduling confession
  3. Asking for guidance during this spiritual journey of Lent.

We really should not begin any spiritual endeavor without the guidance of a spiritual father. Likewise, obedience to someone we can be accountable to is beneficial to our souls.

In yesterday’s prophesy we hear,

“If you are willing an obedient, You shall eat the good of the land, but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword” ~Is 1:19-20

Let us begin to eat the good of the land!

“So then, keep running, brother [and sister] athletes, and again I say to you, keep running. Listen to the cry of wisdom ‘The Lord has tried them like gold in a furnace…and he has received them as burnt offerings into his bosom’ Glory and eternal dominion are His, in company with the eternal Father and the holy and adorable Spirit. Amen…Keep running, athlete, and do not be afraid”