My Red Eggs!


Firstly…. gaze upon this photo and rejoice! The refrigerator is filled with goodness! I grew up in the Greek/Antiochian tradition and my husband is from Slavic tradition so we will have both lamb and a Pascha basket prepared. Its just the two of us for dinner this year so I picked up some chops.


After 6am vesperal liturgy I came home and baked, yes baked my eggs. I had seen that if you do them directly on the racks they leave burn marks on the shells. Not an issue if you don’t need them to look nice. But I want them to look nice. So I put them in my muffin tin. 30 minutes at 325 in the oven on the middle rack. I took my shower while they were baking. Word is they are easier to peep and creamier inside. Better yet, there’s no rolling boil cracking my eggs! When they came out I put them in a bowl of ice water.


Then the dying of the eggs. I use 2 packets of dye in 4 cups of water plus 1 cup of vinegar  (Ok, so that’s a lie. The first dye I bought was not what my mom usually uses. When I dissolved it, it was NOT that deep blood red. So I added one more packet of the good stuff.)


Lastly, I rubbed some olive oil on the eggs after they dried. The splotches are because I dumped that last bag of dye in without dissolving it properly.