Women in the Church: Be the Bee

Very excited and impressed with the latest installment of Be the Bee from the Greek Archdiocese. I think it is a video everyone should watch and learn from. As a community (particularly an internet community) we like to find bandwagons to jump on and complain and argue that the church is or is not doing fill in the blank. I don’t think I’m too far off base when I say that many of the most vocal internet members are probably doing very little in the way of action and/or example.

After describing some important historical notes, the video goes through several current examples of women in amazing roles in the Orthodox church. This should not be an opportunity to say, “we’ll she’s the only one” or “that will never happen in my diocese/parish” but rather to say, “look at that. Where can my time and talent be used” or “look at that, I happen to know someone with a knack for ______, why don’t I find a way to get that person involved in the community”

Lastly, what I particularly like about the video is the discussion of the fact that “roles in the church” extend SO far beyond those of the ordained clergy. The clergy cannot function if they have no one to minister to! Likewise, the church is not vibrant if individuals do not make use of their time and talent in the myriad of roles that make up the body of the church.