Blessed Mother’s Day…to ALL Women in the Church!

I want to share the beautiful excerpt from Matushka Juliana Schmemann’s book, The Joy to Serve on this Mother’s Day!


Whether you are a mother, or a monastic, or a single woman–you are a woman, created differently from a man: motherhood is in your nature.

A women is a life-giver, whether she produces children or doesn’t, she gives life. This is the essential characteristic of a woman, whatever her circumstances, she has been created as a life-giver. If she does not actually have children, she nevertheless can or does or should generate life around herself. The ultimate life-giver is the Theotokos, our victorious leader. But we all know women who make alive all that they touch. A nun does this through faith and dedication generating a live relationship with the Lord. She is not only praying, meditating, contemplating and working, but also giving, concretely emanating love, concern and a close relationship with her neighbors, whoever they may be. 
It has become somehow accepted in the outside world that motherhood is a choice, an option made by an individual woman…What I firmly believe is that motherhood is not only a biological fact of life, but it is a talent, a state of being, a virtue to be sought after, a talent to be multiplied and nurtured. Among the talents that are proper to a woman, motherhood should be remembered as the strongest tool a woman has to spread the love of the Lord and all of us. 
A woman is a life giver, whether she has had the joy of giving birth to a child or not. Every woman possesses a life giving talent, be it to an infant or to a godchild or to a friend or to anyone with whom she is in contact. This gift can be applied to every facet of her daily life, to every relationship with her neighbor. It requires action and movement, a steady ascent towards the Kingdom
Being a life giver is not only about giving birth biologically, but about living the continuous mission and vocation of all women, whether married, single, monastic, young or old: embracing all of creation with care, concern, generosity and love. 
This is motherhood: to give life to those who have lost it, making life appear as the greatest gift, even through suffering, loss, despair and death. Do not just live, but be on fire and constantly sing: “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” It is that simple.