Orthodox Women is a blog designed to focus on needs, concerns and reflections relevant to our group. Too often we are looked at as submissive and beneath our male counterparts. Perhaps society is even beginning to convince those of us in the fold that this is a truth of our church! My hope and intent is that this blog will be a source of recognition of our incredible value in the Orthodox Church. Although through the woman, Eve, sin and condemnation were brought into the world, so too by a woman, the Virgin Mary, the door of Salvation was opened to us.

This blog is also designed as an outlet for women who have a desire to share and discuss their faith. Our knowledge and spiritual education does not need to end at 8th grade Sunday School. We can read and grow and learn, even though the majority of us will never set foot in a seminary. There are intelligent, faithful and truly great women in the stories of our saints and we should seek to emulate them in words and deeds!

About the Author

My personal background is relatively irrelevant. I’m surprised to see the number of hits this “about page” gets!

I am a woman in the Orthodox Christian church. I am part of a generation blessed with numerous opportunities to grow and learn in the faith. I see my Orthodox faith as a lifestyle rather than just a religion. I see an importance in being able to share aspects of the faith as I learn them so that others may also learn. That’s all you need!


If you have comments or suggestions or would like to be a guest author, PLEASE! Do not hesitate to let me know through the contact form!